The Aikido Shudokan is Australia's leading Aikido School.

  1. Techniques that work regardless of size The principles of Aikido allow a person of small size is able to maximise their own power whilst using their opponents power against them.
  2. Confidence through inner quiet Through regular and diligent training, a student develops confidence in themselves because they are constantly being pushed and they develop fortitude in the face of pressure.
  3. Increased fitness, health and flexibility Being a martial art, Aikido definitely improves your fitness and flexibility. Regular training allows a student to build the correct muscles to apply good technique.
  4. Develop awareness and self-defence skills Develop awareness of your surroundings, your physical self and your mental self, which are key traits required in the development of good self-defence skills.
  5. High quality learning environment The physical surroundings of the dojo are always neat and clean, and offer a tranquil place where a student may leave their daily worries upon entry through the door. The facilities have all been built with the student in mind, to enable them to learn in the best environment possible. All instructors have been trained to teach and each is passionate about the Art and the teaching of the Art.
  6. Diverse and friendly student community Students from the age of 4 to the age of 65 all can develop an interest in training in Aikido, and people of all backgrounds, too. It was Gozo Shioda’s goal to have Aikido bring together people of the world to create harmony and Aikido Shudokan is a living example of this idea.
  7. Study the techniques used by professionals in security, the military, or the police. The techniques have been developed to control rather than maim and as such it is taught to those in the military, police and within the security industry. Joe Thambu Shihan has been employed as a crowd controller and has felt the effectiveness of his Aikido training.
  8. Authentic martial art The style of martial art taught at Aikido Shudokan has its roots in the Samurai period of Japan. The techniques and traditions have been passed down and maintained through generations, including from the teachers in Japan to Joe Thambu Shihan and then to his students. What is taught at Aikido Shudokan is about more than applying techniques, it is about teaching the noble samurai spirit that accompanies this system of martial arts.