43 Crissane Road, Heidelberg West VIC 3081

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/theshudokan

General Info:

These premises also operate as the admin office for Aikido Shudokan in Melbourne.


•    Dedicated training hall with tatami
•    Training equipment available for use
•    Separate male and female toilets, showers and change rooms
•    Accommodation for dojosei
•    Aikido Shudokan admin offices
•    Training uniform and equipment sales
•    Beverage and snack sales


•    Joe Thambu Shihan
•    Hani Isac Sensei
•    Nick Nguyen Sensei
•    Enrica Cheung Sensei
•    Fulori Smith Sensei

Mixed: mixed age class

Family: simultaneous children and adults class 


Please contact dojo for enquiries: 03 9440 7028 or leave us a message.

• Regular: Class for intermediate-advanced students (above 8th Kyu)
• Beginners: Class for beginner and intermediate students, focusing on Aikido basics
• Test practice: Open to all grade levels for test practice